May 10th, 2004


Kozik, wine and pants.

London was fun. Kevan and I drove down on Saturday afternoon heading straight for the Kozik exhibition. The pub came after we'd done being Kozik'd and it was at this point I called Sarah.

Finding Sarah in Covent Garden we proceeded to shop. We shopped. We bemoaned how expensive everything was and we eventually headed back to Sarah's place to eat some wine.

When we'd wined and dined (on the very finest KFC) we headed out to Oxford street to see what we could find. We found a club. A 'rock' club called Gossips. It was an underground affair and happened to be very sweaty. We talked to Swedish girls and Scottish boys. Sarah even managed to swap pants with the red haired Scottish boy.

Aside from the fact that beer was almost four pounds a pint fun was had by all. Which is clearly evident in the vast array of photographs that were taken... *ahem*

The next morning, and no sleep later, we found ourselves in Camden looking at even more expensive things and then moaning about not having the cash to buy them.

We didn't get back to the car till 3pm and the ticket ran out at 2pm. Thankfully the stealth ninjas patrolling the car park hadn't noticed and all was good.

I ate scotch eggs on the way home.

I are tired.