July 3rd, 2004


[ reading exactly what it says on the tin ]

I think i've been spending too much time around books... again. I always get a funny when i've been in their company for an extended period of time. My brain starts to asks more questions than it should...

The setting, a store. Like any other store except that this one sells male grooming products. I'm looking at a shiny new electric razor. It has three heads.

Girl: The Remington promise applies to it.
Me: Oh, okay... erm. And that's?
Girl: That it'll 'shave as close as a blade or you get your money back'.
Me: Oh, right.

I fondle the razor a bit more as the words are sinking into my brain.

Me: So, exactly how sharp is this blade?
Girl: Sorry?
Me: The blade in the Remington promise. Is it a scalpel-sharp blade or a rusty, old, blunt thing? Because it's not very specific.
Girl: I think they mean it's a sharp blade.
Me: But are you sure?
Girl: ...

Needless to say I didn't buy the thing. She didn't seem to mind though. In fact she giggled a lot amused in the knowledge that no one had ever asked that before. I nodded wisely before making my exit.
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