August 9th, 2004


He Always Rings Twice

The post man thinks i'm weird. He didn't actually say 'hey, you're weird', but there was a certain something in his eyes that was screaming it.

More details: I was in the kitchen, which is on the front of the property, taking photos of one of those Fake French Wasps that were blown into the country recently. It was sitting on the window nearest the front door. I was happily snapping away from the right whilst, unknown to me, the postman approached from the left. The front door was open on account of the heat so he bent down and placed the mail on the floor. At this point we both look up from what we're doing. What does he find: me seemingly pointing a camera at his ass...

To make the situation much worse I then smile at him and say 'Cheers!', to which he responds with a blush and something incomprehensible...

Oh, well, it's his own fault for wearing shorts.

[ bonjour ]

Right, i'm going off to take more photos. Oh, and one final thing: Happy Burfday drasticsturgeon ;)