August 19th, 2004


so many things in so few hours

Madness descends. It's the kind of thing that lurks in the corners waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and strike it did; coming in the form of an electric sander and a thunderstorm.

After a full day of sanding walls my Mother's eyes were a touch on the red side. Then they were weeping and oozing so I decided to drive her to the doctors. We sat waiting for about fifteen minutes until she was seen. I fiddled with my camera to pass the time. This is what I saw:

A few minutes later things looked a little more like this:

My Mother emerged from the office a few minutes later burdened with two things: a prescription and an order to head straight to casualty. Or ER if you're one of those weird, foreign types.

So, off to casualty we raced. I got about half way to the Queens when this happened:

Isn't that pretty! It was the most violent storm I've seen in a long time. Not only was there zero visibility but the roads were instantly flooded causing cars to die in all lanes. This meant I had to play 'lane swap' countless times without actually being able to see. It wasn't a fun game but we somehow made it to the end, we even managed to avoid the tree that tried to squish the car. Sticking with the game analogy i'd have to say that 'big tree' was a pretty piss-poor Boss... I'd have expected Mecha-Lightning Dragoon or possibly something of an elemental nature... *ahem* Regardless, let's press on.

Amidst a volley of hail the size of golf balls we arrived at the Accident and Emergency. The second I stepped out of the car I was sodden. That I didn't mind, it was the relentless pain from the hail shower that really got on my nerves. Regardless, we again managed to survive and eventually got my mothers eyes seen to. They needed cleaning. Which was a rather vile procedure involving vaseline and Q-tips, resulting in the following sticky mess:

Aww, poor crusty, old eyes... Hmmm, she'll fucking kill me when she sees that photo. But hell, if God can't squish me with a tree than she's not really got much of a chance. Erm, anyways, the storm had pretty much blown over by the time we left the hospital:

In fact on the drive home I had to wear my sun glasses because it was so damn bright. I found this to be a particular piss take on account of the angry migraine which had been boiling away in my brains for the past hour, brought on by the stress.

In short it wasn't a very nice afternoon. But it was just another 'not very nice afternoon' in a string of previous instances.

So, all that eventfulness out of the way meant that I could expect a calm night, right. Well, actually, no. It meant that my Father had to fly to Zurich at five am which meant that we had to get up at three am. Which meant that I didn't get any sleep. Which makes me a little grumphy. Which is like kinda being grumpy only with a touch more apathy.

I was happily snoozing at eight am so Fate decided to send the postman to wake me up. I didn't mind though because he brought me this:

He such a considerate guy... given our past encounters...

Okay, I'm off to mong in a corner with my book.