September 14th, 2004


i specifically said look over here

No matter how many times you tell people to look at the camera they'll insist on staring in random locations that blatantly aren't the camera.

Listen to the photographer people! Watch the god damned birdy! That way I won't have to spend hours drawing your eyes onto the photographs.

Seriously, that's what I've been doing all day and I'm currently very bored... well, I was:

[ ^_^ ]

Right, back to it. Only a few hundred more to sift through.

coolpix 5700 owners

Have a read of this page if you use the Nikon NEF photo format. The page carries some useful information but it also links to a regedit fix that restores the NEF thumbnail image for those of us who've installed the much baned Service Pack 2.

The fix works perfectly although the resulting thumbnail can be a little blurry depending on what size you have your thumbnails set to.

Okay, now I can actually see what I'm editing I'll get back to it...
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