October 1st, 2004


well that was an eye opener

Today was the first time that I've heard Bush engaged in political debate. Now, no offense to those who support him but the man's a complete fuckwitt. When given the opportunity to respond to his opponent's stance of dealing with weapons of mass destruction Bush began to jabber un-assuredly about things he clearly didn't have a grasp of. Uttering a few erms and giving long pauses you could actually see him scanning his memory for something vaguely relevant to say. Sadly, realising that he didn't have any idea what his policies on the matter actually were he instead launched into a rant about how he was backing the research and development of missile defenses. Doing so was apparently his way of dealing with disarmament...

As a final petty jab he then declared that his opponent was against such missile development. Then, and this is the bit that made me cringe in the very pit of my being, he gave his opponent a look. A look that proved that he, Bush, was indeed more of a man than any smug, yellow-bellied bastard... It really was rather sickening.

So, erm, I don't live in the country and I'm not familiar with your ways but surely that's worrying to each and every one of you? Vote Bush. Surely that's like opting to board a bus driven by a rabid chimp in a shiny hat.

Worrying stuff.
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