October 31st, 2004


what is that hideous smell

The stench of the grave is stalking me! The noxious and sulphurous vapours of Hell are assailing my senses and the sickness of All Hallows is upon me!

Okay, so it's more like I had a dodgy curry at Wetherspoons and my ass is churning out pepper-gas but it's Hallowe'en for fucks sake! Get with the spookiness! *ahem* Where was I...

Ah, yes. Not only did they give me bad guts but they skanked me out of a naan bread too! Me, Emma and James! How bastardly! I think I'll write an email of complaint... some time.

Still, the good news is they're now serving Resolution as their low-carb beer. It's actually got a bit of taste to it so I suppose it's a vast improvement on the Michelob. However, it took an extensive amount product testing before I could come to this decision. Although the decision is far from final and further tests have scheduled. Very soonly!

Okay, that's enough babble, I'm off to reset all the clocks. We've just lost an hour I believe. So, it's actually now close to two am instead of being close to three am as it was when I started writing this... how very odd. This time changing malarkey really must be stopped. I'm pretty sure it's tantamount to devil-craft.