November 9th, 2004


bitter and rather noxious

I just made coffee. I've always been a big fan of tea, I was raised on the stuff, but I've always found coffee to be a bit... nasty. Regardless, after two half-pint cups of tea I was still in a semi-comatic state. At this point I figured that I needed to up the caffeine stakes. So: coffee.

I tried it black but it tasted like arse. Actually, it tasted like licking nine volt batteries but that's way too taste specific and might make me sound odd... Anyways, I figured that adding some milk might help, but there was still a vague hint of nasty. One tablet of Splenda made it less vile, whilst two made it bearable.

So, coffee. Rather rank whatever you do to it but at least it's woken me up. Sort of. Being sort of awake generally tends to help in the running of things. Things like planning a trip to das Kino.

We were supposed to watching House of the Dead but the UGC put a halt to that plan by removing it from their billing. Cheers for that. Alternatives include The Grudge but I really want to watch Ju-on before I see the re-working. However, I'm betting that Blockbuster won't have it.

Ho-hum, tis a veritable dilemma. I guess I'll leave the decision making until after dinner. Which happens to be steak pie, mash, non-specific vegetables and plenty of gravy.

Gravy will help. In fact I believe it mentions it in The Bible.
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