December 23rd, 2004


conversation of the week

I got back from Christmas Shopping as the day turned into early afternoon. It took me about three hours altogether. By Christmas Shopping I mean aimlessly wandering around Tesco wondering if Jesus would actually approve of this mess which we've somehow managed to convince ourselves is a celebration of his birth...

So, aptly cheery, and laden with a single Tesco carrier bag I returned home.

Mother: I got the Christmas TV guide.
Me: Really. Which one?
Mother: Oh, just the free one that came from the newspaper. I stole it from McDonald's.
Me: I thought you weren't eating McDonald's?
Mother: No. I'm not. I just stole the newspaper.
Me: Oh, okay. Where is it? I'll have a look through it in a minute.
Mother: I've left it open on the film page. I thought you could mark all the good films for me.
Me: Hmmm... whatever.

I began to stare at the film listings whilst she made a cup of tea.

Mother: Anything good?
Me: ...
Mother: I was thinking of chopping up the Christmas Tree and burning it.
Me: They're showing Shrek on the BBC. You'd probably like that. Have you got a pen?