January 13th, 2005


that doctor's still grinning at me

Today was an odd day; most of it spent at the hospital. I was waiting around various departments and lounges whilst my Mother was being prodded and probed and God knows what.

They performed a number of tests on her resulting in a decision to take some biopsies at a later date. The doctors were particularly concerning by the fact that she's lost about 40lbs over the past month and half. That, and the fact that she's been complaining of an ache in her lower spine. According to Doctor Phil this might be an early warning sign for cancer.

Needless to say today hasn't been much fun. Given the past two years of watching my Grandmother die of bowel cancer I can honestly say that there was a definite lack of party cheer in the air...

Regardless, thank you for all the cards, gifts and text messages today. They helped :)

Thanks to Nikalyn for my new hat, scarf and wrist adornments. I know you asked for a few cam shots but the birthday fairy (or possible stress) has gifted me with a massive spot on my cheek so that's the best I can offer.

Thanks to Kev, for the photomograph of The Billy Monster! That's gonna give me fucking nightmares for ages! He's all gimped up and you can only see his eyes!! His eyes!!


Thanks to Julia for the ... how do I put this? For the pile of leaflets we picked up in Prague and then argued over whose pocket they should be stuffed into. I can't believe you kept them all this time! I can't believe I got them for my birthday! Them and the horse chesnut...

Thanks to Emma and James for the card and the texts. We really will have to meet up for a drink soon. Ooooh, or possibly a curry and pintage at Wetherspoons.

Erm, I guess I have to thank my Father. Thanks a bunch for the text message! Time difference, mate! Texting me at 11am your time means that I get woken up at 3am! Cheers, chap!

Thanks to my Brother. Who, instead of giving me an out of date lottery ticket, gave me some actual [real] cash! I'm shocked and amazed! That and he bought me chips!

Thanks to everyone who emailed, called, texted and left a live journal comment. There are too many to thank here but I'll be sending replies tomorrow.

And finally: Thanks Mum Xx. I told you not to bother about my birthday and yet you went about making it special all the same. I guess that's why you're great, and why I love you.
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