March 21st, 2005


a few days in robin hood country

Miso and Monica, pictured above, got into London on Friday afternoon. They hopped straight onto a bus and arrived in Nottingham at a little after seven in the evening. I appeared at their hotel thirty minutes later brandishing a bottle of red wine and a map of the town centre...

We started off with some hearty Polish food and some even heartier Brok. After that we tried calling their parents to let them know they'd arrived safely but the calling cards just weren't playing fair. After trying a bunch of different call-boxes, and trying to shove Monica's Visa card into random slots on the phone, we gave up.

So, it was back to sight-seeing and beer sampling. We started off at Nottingham Castle and traveled down the hill to the wharf. It starts off with mostly modern bars and as you reach the base of the hill you arrive at The Trip to Jerusalem, which dates back to 1189AD.

The conclusion seemed to be that everything was 'so pretty' and 'so old'. This conclusion was reached whilst Miso was rubbing an ancient doorway and Monica was caressing Robin Hood's thighs... okay, it was statue of Robin but it was funny none-the-less.

We couldn't actually get served in The Trip because it'd taken us so long to get down there. Instead we hit the late bars just after midnight. We had a ridiculously expensive round of Absinthe then we headed back to the hotel for some well-earned rest.

Saturday involved shopping and not getting run over by trams. The plan to acquire tattoos was cut short by the sheer volume of people wanting to get inked. That and the fact that nothing caught our eye.

After a tour of the less mainstream stores and a quick trip to some of the seedier delights of Hockley we headed back to the room to get ready for the night.

We got back into the city centre at eight and went straight to the Pit and Pendulum. After sampling some Newcastle Brown Ale we headed off to Rock City for a night of dancing. Dancing a few more Newky Broons.

Sunday was pretty chilled out. There was a bit of a culture shock in store when they realised that Britain stops on a Sunday. Most of the day was spent in the bar/restaurant next to the hotel. The evening was a bit more exciting though as we went into Beeston to explore the legend of the Cash Back bars.

It was back to room by ten thirty and after a very poor attempt at sleeping we checked out at four am. That's where we parted ways and the girls headed back down to London. To London and then on to Amsterdam...