April 20th, 2005


Ah, that's probably not a good thing

How does one describe the sound of a muscle slipping out of alignment. A crack. Possibly a snapple. Yes, a wet and luxurious snapple followed closely by more pain than it's feasibly possible to imagine. And then all was numb.

This was my story at seven this morning as I slipped out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. Half-dazed from sleep I barely had chance to acknowledge my snapple before my leg gave out.

After the incident, as I lay on the floor waiting for the pain to subside, a sickening numbness began to spread throughout my lower leg and then gradually creep towards my thigh.

My leg is now numb. A numb hunk of flesh that doesn't respond to my commands. I've reached a stage where I can actually put my weight on it but more often than not the thing gives way.

As I lay on the floor my brain pin-pointed the exact moment when there injury first occurred. I was eighteen years old and had just run the entire length of Bramcote Woods. As I hit to top of Hemlock Stone my leg gave out. Stupidly I ignored it and carried on running.

I guess I deserve the pain really.
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