July 6th, 2005


Wish You Were Here

Last night was eerie. The rain had been falling all day and as I arrived home at a little after midnight the air was heady and fragrant.

A hedgehog was sitting in the middle of my driveway. He was calmly waiting for something and, aside from turning to acknowledge me, he didn't move. I squatted a few metres away and commented on how brave he was. I also wished that I had been carrying my camera.

Making my way to my front door I was equally surprised to see a frog sitting on the dead centre of the step. Smiling, I once again squatted down to examine him whilst continuing to curse myself for being camera-less. I apologised to the frog and said that I had no choice but to step over him to reach the door. I think he understood as he moved a fraction to the right, as if to make way.

I watched him as I fumbled for my keys. Finding them I moved towards the lock only to find my way barred by a bright yellow moth; its wings blocking the keyhole.

As I stood in the dim porch light I had a bit of a moment. My brain was processing the odds of having all three encounters in such a short space of time and the only result it offered was: oddness.

Speaking of odd. I received a delightful picture card from Andy and Jill:

How utterly spiffy. I really must come and visit you.