September 27th, 2005


About Ben Hawkins

Because a greater majority of Americans are too simple to follow a plot-line which doesn't spell-out what's occurring on-screen in a suitably monosyllabic fashion, it would appear that Carnivale has officially been cancelled. It was up in the air for a very long time but at last, despite winning five Emmy® Awards, the axe has fallen.

Like many great shows of a similar ilk this one ends with a bucket-load of untapped potential. Sadly, despite its beautiful cinematography, haunting soundtracks and stunning visuals HBO are letting it go.

As season two draws to a tense and somewhat twisted close we'll have to steel ourselves to the fact that there will be no more. Which seems like an utter shame.

Cut off in their prime: Angel :: Dead Like Me :: Wonderfalls :: Firefly :: Carnivale