October 13th, 2005


How's Your Monkey

Larger Version

I'm having all sorts of trouble with Photoshop CS2. I'm working with a pretty large file, it's roughly 4300 by 3200 pixels, and it has multiple layers and groups. It's been edited in both Photoshop and Painter and is stored in PSD format, with the file totaling 120mb.

Things are fine when I first start work. Soon, however, things start to go awry. First off the cursor will set to the default arrow or lock into the form of the last tool I've been using. Secondly all of the menus will fail to open. File, edit, image layer etc will all fail to respond when click or accessed via keyboard shortcuts. This also means that I'm trapped in whatever brush I happen to be working in.

Now for the worst part. The save option doesn't always run successfully. Whilst I'm often locked out of the menus I can usually still activate a save via the keys. However, this doesn't always work. Sometimes the program will report a heap of errors and then force a shutdown. This means I lose my work... But when I re-launch the softare everything is fine; for a time.

At first this was a minor annoyance. I figured that it was the fault of some other software running on my system. But after spending hours tweaking and switching I'm still having the same problem. It occurs with all of my files; new and old. It happens quite randomly, sometimes whilst editing a simple JPG and sometimes after an hour of painting. It isn't solved by editing memory allocation or enabling or disabling extensions. It isn't solved by purging. It isn't helped by stripping the software down to its raw form. It was even suggested to me that I might be running on 'too much memory' so I physically stripped the ram down to 512k then removed all of it and ran it on the motherboard alone.

None of it worked. It wasn't even solved by a fresh install of Windows... Although I have found that smashing my head against the keyboard does provide a strange sort of relief.

I've tried Googling for answers but it appears that I'm alone in my CS-based nightmare. I simply don't know what to do. Risk losing my work or save every thirty seconds. Which, given the amount of time it takes to write the file, isn't even a valid option.

I guess that I'm just not destined to finish my monkey. I guess I'll go weep in a much darkened corner.

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