October 17th, 2005


Ye Olde Pubbes of Nottingham Town

Saturday involved drinking a substantial amount of beer with someone called... Erm. John? I was also introduced to a novel concept which called itself food. I'm sometimes a little funny about trying new things but 'When in Rome' or Nottingham, whichever the case may be.

The photograph on the left leads to a small gallery of images which catalogue the event from start to finish. I also suspect that John might have acquired a few snaps of his own. Which I'm sure he'll post when he recovers from refined sewage poisoning...

All in all it was a pleasant enough night. Although I find that I'm mildly disappointed in myself for missing a shot of the 'dirty pizza' or, for that matter, the gang of slags who were banging on the window whilst we tried to eat said pizza. Yet there have to bonus points awarded for getting a 'mildly clear' shot of the ass-crack. Even if they're not awarded by the girl who owned said crack.

Anyways, John. Good Luck with the job. I might pop over and see you some time.
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