October 26th, 2005


Pumpkin Feet

I bought these today for James and Emma's baby. We're going round to see her tomorrow so I was determined to buy something sufficiently odd. Along with these I also acquired a collection of much more mundane clothes which I won't be posting pictures of just yet. After all, I'd hate to ruin the surprise...

I also went up to tend to my Gran's grave. It's her birthday today and with my Mother being in the Philippines I was charged with the task of delivering flowers and general tidying duties. All done in thick hail of rain; which was delightful.

Arriving home I called my Mother to let her know. She took the news well but she had some rather less happy news of her own. In pursuit of nuking some mosquitoes she had inadvertently sprayed her face with cockroach killer. It's burnt her face and threatens to leave her permanently scarred. Which is not really the kind of news I was hoping to hear.

Sorry, I ended on a bit of a downer there. Better go and have a look at those pumpkin feet again...