November 17th, 2005


Random Thoughts, Chopsticks and Zombie Meat

I don't know, one minute you're talking about Romero movies and the next you're buying them. Chiefly speaking: Night of the Living Dead. Bought from the lovely people at Tesco for a mere ninety seven pence. That's fourteen pounds cheaper than their online price.

I'm currently half-way through reading Thud!. I'm torn between finishing it off or catching up on Lost, Medium and Supernatural. Hmmm, tough call. I sort of want to finish it but I know I'll miss reading it... although then again I have Anansi Boys waiting for me so I guess it won't be all that bad.

I've somehow managed to land myself over-drawn by one hundred and twenty pounds. I have no idea how this has come about but it doesn't give me a happy. With that Christmas thing rapidly approaching I find myself wondering how I'll manage. But then again I don't really care much for the commercial aspects of Christmas. Once again I'll scrape by on a wing and a prayer, whilst those lucky enough to be receiving gifts from me can expect something stunningly hand-crafted.

It really is getting to be jacket potato weather. I think I'll slow-bake one with some of that lovely Canadian cheddar I acquired last week.

I stole some chopsticks from a restaurant last Friday. I think my steady stream of crimes are going to land me in Hell.