November 22nd, 2005


Linda Lancashire Says...

Okay, so which one of you is it?

Today I went shopping for fingerless gloves but came home empty-handed... I'll wait a few moments whilst you think that one through... So, anyways, my question is: Where have all the Fagin-Gloves gone? Sure, I could get a pair of gloves and make my own, but everyone knows that it always ends badly. If you hack up woolen gloves they fray after a few days. If you hack up gloves made from any other material you're either living in the 1980s or you plan on touching children.

The reason for wanting said gloves is so that I can still operate my camera in the extremely bitter-cold weather that's sweeping across this little island of ours. Also, so I can paint whilst keeping most of my hands warm. Yeah, it's seriously that cold here. You even get frozen fingers indoors. Especially at this time of night.

I darkened my hair today. I look very wintery:

Speaking of. I'm practically moist in my anticipation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardobe. As a child it was one of those books that heavily punctuated my burgeoning love of literature. Although I have to admit that I was always more partial to the White Witch than any of the friendlier characters. The White Witch who, in this movie, happens to be played by Tilda Swinton. You know, the weird looking Scottish chick who played Gabriel in Constantine. Yup, I was one of the ones reading 'that' article in this weeks Sunday Papers.

Tomorrow promises snow and I'm nowhere nearer to finding any gloves.