November 28th, 2005


Have You Been Here From The Beginning?

That's Hot!

Friday night involved showing Slomela Raspopvich the many delights of Nottingham. We toured a bunch of ancient pubs and consumed a wide variety of Guest Ales. We also managed to squeeze in some Sushi before a somewhat unexpected yet very entertaining trip to Hooters. A very English version of Hooters where the staff act a bit funny if you ask them how much it'll cost for them to flash their tits...

Saturday involved a large amount of being hungover. Eventually this resolved into another tour of the town so that Slomela and I could show Johnny the many delights of Nottingham. Wait. I'm sensing a pattern here...

We started the night with possibly the oddest meal I've had in a very long time. Although when you're eating in the Flaming Dragon odd is the very first dish on the menu, and the portions are very generous! Looking something like a brothel and sounding like a Nativity play the Dragon is one of those 'all you can eat' affairs. The food was pretty average but the staff were bloody marvelous! Especially our Mystical Kung-Fu Grandma! She was the ultimate in cool. Even when Johnny asked her which of the dishes had penis in them. Peanuts. Penis. Easy mistake to make.

Food was followed by pubs which was followed by Rock City. There was beer. A lot of beer. Then there were brightly-coloured sugary drinks and some gargling with vodka. Things go a little bit blurry here and only pull back in to focus when we were eating vending machine food and watching Clerks... at five am.

Sunday involved a zombie-like shuffle around Nottingham, a few pints of ale and some scary carvial music. However, time flies and soon the kids had to head home. Thus drawing a close to an entire weekend of boozing.

A whole weekend of booze. Dude, that's hot!