December 5th, 2005


Whatever Happened To Saturday Night

A Highly Censored Gallery

Some weeks ago, actually I believe it was Hallowe'en, I accompanied Sarah and Dan to look at a house. They moved in about a month back and Saturday night was their official house-warming party.

Things started well. There was polite chat in one room, Chinese food in another and various sources of music scattered across the three levels of the house.

Things were going well. Even when the game of twister took on a slightly sinister slant people were still having a good time.

However, that's when people started vomiting. The next thing we know someone's kicked down the bathroom door because someone else has passed out in there. With the bathroom being occupied people took it upon themselves to find 'other places' to store their sick. Their sick and their used beer.

It really wasn't pretty. In fact it was about as pretty as a room full of emo-types talking about the benefits of suicide. Thankfully a few choice comments from Malcolm soon had them dispersed.

Anyways, after checking that the lights and music were switched off I found a lovely bit of floor to pass out on and... when I woke up everyone had gone. They'd probably run away out of shame.

The house smelt terrible and there were a number of very dubious stains littering each room. Although compared to the nastiness that loitered in the back garden the house was pretty clean. Thankfully I managed to get a ride home before I felt obliged to help clean up.

Still, what's a house-warming party without a few scars.