January 5th, 2006


What's the Reality of this Situation

Are those yours?

Life is all about perspectives. You can guarantee that what one person wants out of life is nothing like what the next person expects. I've always known exactly what I wanted; those things are set in stone. I suppose that it's now a matter of taking the right steps to achieve my desires.

It's my birthday soon. I've decided that I'm going to spend the day in the cinema. There are a number of movies I really want to watch and my birthday seems like an ideal time to indulge.

Resolutions for the New Year. I haven't made any. Mainly because I don't need to, but also because the whole notion seems ridiculous. After all, change is a perpetual beast.

A few days ago I worked out that I've spent over four hundred pounds during the Christmas period. Most of this was wasted on alcohol. Four hundred pounds that could've been spent on a camera. Such behaviour stops.

Wait. Does that count as a resolution?