January 10th, 2006


The Weekend of the Sixth

"But it's our last visit to Nottingham! Ever!"

Those immortal words lead to the consumption of massive amounts of vodka. Enough vodka to shame a Russian alcoholic. Apparently.

Along with the vodka there were photos. Although most of them don't really correspond to our actual memories of the events. Which is troubling.

Some highlights of the weekend include:

Playing 'I have never' with very revealing results. Although such information will be taken to the grave. Or will be kept secret for five minutes in Becca's case.

Finding the only pub in Nottingham which offered Karaoke. I believe we may have been singing very drunken Madonna, but only because the DJ wouldn't play Nicole's song.

Nicole climbing the statue of Robin Hood (pictures available). Security guards turning up.

Becca lost her voice. It was eerie. Although the nice waitress in TGI Friday's gave her a crayon and some paper so that she could still express her views.

Watching 'Just Friends'. It wouldn't have been half as funny without 'Samantha James'.

Forcing two different groups of friends to go out together and them actually getting along! This hardly ever happens! Thankfully we managed it, and then spent the rest of the night dancing to every song the DJ put on. It was very sweaty. But fun.

Bitch-Slapping Becca. Apparently she's never been slapped before. Which surprises me.

Spending five and a half hours in the Pit & Pendulum whilst we waited for the train. We watched a movie, ate food, made friends and almost bought sex toys. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

In other news: I have a cold, and I'm losing my voice.