September 7th, 2006



Sorry, I surely deserve to burn in a firey pit of Hell for my lack of imaginative titling. However, as it rather artfully suggests, I've just completed the 'interests into images' thing. I rather like the results and so I'm going to force you into enjoying them too:

Collapse )

In less visual news: Guild Wars. Yes. That's right, anyone who's ever caught the bug will know exactly what I'm talking about. It's like a virus. It insidiously takes hold before it totally consumes. At present I'm Pre-Searing an Elementalist-Necromancer combo. It's going good guns thus far although it's utterly time-consuming.

Balthus Draken

I've managed to resist buying the Factions expansion but with the imminent release of Nightfall my resolve is weakening. Damn it! There really ought to be a law against games like this.

Okay, well, those Charr aren't going to kill themselves now, are they...