October 15th, 2006



To say that I'm rather fond of the latest offering from NBC would be a bit of an under-statement. Going under the name Heroes, this sci-fi drama delivers some high quality 'super hiro' action.

Okay, for those of you getting mental pictures of people in capes and groin-hugging tights: think again. This series is more dirty than any comic book romp you might have envisioned. It's gritty, it's bloody and it's got a cheer-leader that just won't die... no matter how many times she's tries.

It's not often that a show gets you hooked within the first few episodes. It's practically unheard of for a series to be unmissable after the first show. Heroes somehow defies all of those rules.

Here's a massive thanks to Nikalyn for pointing my eyes the right direction. Right, I'm off to read the graphic novel: