January 6th, 2008


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A new year, a fresh start! And how much fresher can you get than casting off the shackles of a ten year love-hate relationship. I'm speaking, of course, of the honeyed canker we came to know as 'plasticmice'. Oooh! Setting up a website! That's probably one of the most banal things I could've done!

But, hey! There was a bandwagon.

Honestly! What kind of moron signs themselves up to a ten year contract? And yet it seemed like such a sweet deal. But... it slowly became a weight around my ankles... and suddenly the water was rising!

It's had countless faces, countless cosmetic lifts. Content has been varied and regularly updated. The coding has taken on a life of its own, morphing and mutating with the life of the interweb. It's drawn people to it with its scintillating colours, only to strike at their hearts with the blackest of barbs! It's lured, it's marveled and it's inspired! And it's sucked the very marrow from my creative bones!

And now. It dies.

*insert huge sigh*

A part of me is sorry to see it go. However, that part of me lurks between my big toe and its neighbour and doesn't get much of a say in how things are run. Thankfully.

Farewell. I expect that as February dawns, and the contract expires, your hallowed pages will be filled with advertisements for cock hardeners and teenage sluts. However, if we miss you, if we really miss you, there's always time travel.