February 27th, 2008


Boom, shake, shake...

Recently, Black Cat drew our attention to a mouse that's taken up residence in the back garden. With the weather being so terrible, and the distinct lack of food around, I've been concerned that the wee fellow might not be having the best of times. Hence, I've... sort of adopted him. Leaving food out for him each night provides not only a regular source of munchies for the mouse, but it keeps Black Cat entertained for hours.

Each night he waits, nose pressed to the glass. After a while he'll stroll over to his basket and settle down in front of the fire. This is the cue for me to get up and notice that the food's been taken. It's an odd sort of ritual.

Last night I got home late from playing Metroid on the Wii. I'd barely made it through the door before I began to vomit. I'd disguised the fact that I'd had a migraine all night and resolved not to puke in front of people. Felt damn good to get it out though.

I was puking merrily in the early hours when the room began to wobble. The doors began to vibrate gently and the freshly delivered vomit began to dance an enchanting pattern of scintillating colours.

It took a few moments before the rest of the quake hit. By which time I thought I'd burst something inside from too much hurling and was 'having an episode'. Thankfully it was just another quake.

It wasn't really all that exciting, but it gave my inner geek a warm glow to realise how I've made such a wonderful record of all the inane things that occur around me. It took mere seconds to find the post regarding the last quake we had.

It sort of enthused me to love my LJ all over again! ♥