September 8th, 2009


I didn't much like August

Around 2am on August 10th the first cluster headache struck; the effects of which left me pretty much limited to my bed, or at the very best I could make it downstairs to collapse next to Black Cat for a while.

When the second one woke me from my sleep a week later, and then the third hit during the middle of the night a few days after that, I was left feeling ... less then sparkly.

My doctor gave me new drugs (Migard), which did nothing but make me feel like a pain riddled zombie.

Around 3am on August 29th I was sat taking photographs from the top of a very high building, pondering whether or not this is the sort of existence I really wanted to endure.

By the start of September the cluster seemed to have passed and the worst of the drugs had worked their way out of my system.

I have an appointment to see my doctor again on the 16th to discuss ... well, I'm really not sure what they're planning to do for me. Perhaps I'll get a sticker? Like the sort that the dentists used to give out. Although I fear to ponder what the cheery slogan might read.

So, that was August. Perhaps I should print this out take it with me next take I see my neurologist? After all, he did mention the keeping of a journal. This one even has pictures!