November 25th, 2009


Not Dead... Yet

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Just thought I'd update and let you know that I'm not dead. Although it felt like it for a while, and I might have even hoped for it a few times. But, no. I've just been a bit ill. Trapped in my bed, in fact. Except for the countless times I had to do the puking dash!

What's up with that? I hadn't eaten anything in days and yet my body still insisted that I drag myself to the bathroom and expel... what, exactly? Daemons? It certainly felt like it. Tearing their way up from my empty belly to claw and scuttle loose via my now extremely hoarse throat. Makes about as much sense as anything has lately.

As much sense as the dreams I've had! I've been searching my bed for bees, woken up coughing as I've been drowned or not been able to move at all as I've had my fingers, hands and arms broken by a thing sitting in my room. All in crystal-clear, total immersion reality. Then I'd feel too weak and painful to do anything but hope to fall back to sleep. Awesome!

Still, mustn't grumble. At least now I can sit up! And do walking every now and again! Although the stairs are still a bit tricky.

Oh, and I still get that feeling every time I'm ill for a long while that I'll wake up one morning and the whole world will have gone all 28 Days Later. Know what I mean? Although I probably won't have my winky out...