February 8th, 2014


Sony RX100 Mark 2

Tooth - Raynox MSN-202 and Sony RX100 M2

Back in January, on my birthday, I managed to secure an excellent deal on the Sony RX100 Mark 2. Paying just over half of what the camera currently retails at, I felt certain that there had to be something wrong with it. But, as it turns out, I could not have been further from the truth.

The camera felt right from the moment that I picked it up; being small, light and ergonomically suited to my hand. This was further bolstered by an intuitive menu system, fully customisable buttons and concise manual control.

With its Zeiss F/1.8 lens, the RX100-M2 takes a fast photo; even in low light. Attach the VFA-49R1 filter adapter and a whole host of other creative options become available. For me this included the Raynox MSN-202 and DSC-250.

The RX100-M2 works beautifully with both Raynox macro adaptors. Combining focus peaking with an optional focus zoom (both x8.6 and x17.1 magnification) the camera makes a potentially tricky job almost too easy. Which may go some way to explaining why my obsession with macro photography has never been so rampant.

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Not too bad. Especially when you consider that these were taken at night, at my kitchen table and lit only by a half-sized 60 watt bulb.