April 11th, 2017


Say hello to my (not so little) little friend


The stroke admission ward was full to bursting last night. Two of the healthier guys on Dad's ward were shipped out to other parts of the hospital, with two new guys due to arrive any moment.

Their personal belongings arrived thirty minutes before they did. Although one guy had fought tooth and nail to keep his with him. He failed. Two large bags arrived and were placed on top of the bed directly opposite Dad.

The nurses started to unpack the bags, but rapidly stopped.

The first bag contained a meaty crystal dildo, something wrapped in a blanket and a huge (and I mean monster) flesh dildo.

One nurse began a rapid chant of "Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!", in her thickest African accent. The other nurse stood with her mouth open and seemed to stop breathing for a few seconds.

They threw everything back into the bag and threw that into the bedside locker. Just in time.

The smallest, frailest sparrow of a man was then wheeled in (yes, in a wheelchair) and helped into bed. He looked like a strong gust of wind would break him.

So, we all sat in dead silence. Then my Dad signalled that he wanted to spell a board.

D I L...

My dad is a cunt.