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juicy and throbbing

It was a box! A box from the Amazon! Shipped, as the label stated, from the Netherlands. It arrived early Saturday morning and dripped with that elusive element of surprise!

I slit the sellotape and removed the air-packaging. Inside lay a green, DVD shaped, gift-wrapped package!

Now, I don't know about you but I'd always thought that gift-wrap was meant to conceal the surprise. The people at Amazon obviously don't agree. The lazy bastards must've screwed up on the wrapping and were too shite to fix their error. What made it even more grating was the label which warned: 'Don't Ruin Your Surprise' :\

*ahem* That aside, I'd like to send a big, squishy 'Thank You' to Melissa! They might have ballsed-up on the gift-wrap but it was still a lovely surprise! Cheers muchly!
Tags: amazon, latter days

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