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the kindness of strangers

I went into Nottingham today to grab a few photos and buy some clothes for this weekends outing to London. Not only did I manage to acquire myself new stuff, but I also managed to return a pair of faulty trousers and got a full refund. Okay, so that might not sound like much of a feat, but when you consider that I've worn them a million times, I didn't have the original receipt and I've actually re-dyed the trousers on two occassions it enters the realm of being a Quality Blag!

Chuffed as I was with my ill-gotten fifty pounds the day took another turn for the Blaggy as I queued to buy food in Marks & Spencer.

I'd decided to go for the snack-sized sushi and was waiting in line behind a woman who was buying the entire store. She turned and smiled at me a few times and then turned and apologised for holding me up. I smiled back and told her not to worry about it, that I didn't have anywhere important to be.

A few minutes later she was finishing her purchase and the checkout clerk informed her that because she'd spent so much she was entitled to a free bottle of wine. The woman declined, saying that she wasn't much of a drinker. Then the oddest thing happened. She turned to me and said: 'Unless you'd like it?'

Now normally I would've been terribly British about the whole thing and gratefully declined. However, I found myself saying: 'Yes, please. I'll take a bottle of red.' And I did; thanking her very much, of course.

All in all: not a bad day...

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