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On the 7th day, He created FireFox

Do you know what I hate about the internet right now? I hate FireFox. No, wait. Let me back-track slightly and gather my thoughts.

I don't hate FireFox at all. What I actually hate is being preached at. Specifically being preached at about my choice of browser. I dislike visiting websites only to discover pop-ups warning of spyware and ad-ware that will attack my inferior browser and destroy my machine.

But fear not, blinded surfer of the internet highways! Salvation is here! You can get FireFox and be saved from damnation.

Erm... Yeah. Okay...

No, seriously. I'm happy for you. I'm happy that you feel such a great swelling of pride about your particular choice of internet browsing software. What I'm not happy about is you trying to force your views onto me. Trying to coerce me into adopting your particular set of beliefs about the right path to achieving true internet happiness.

Fear is a tool commonly employed by certain institutions to shape the minds of the masses. I thought the internet was beyond that type of thinking. I thought the internet was a collective concerned with notions of freedom and individual expression. Surely this type of behaviour goes against all that.

Fie On't! Leave people to make an informed choice. Offer them information, not threats of Hellfire and Torment.

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