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What's black and smells of sex?

I was woken up a just after 10am by someone pounding on the front door. I think the postie's become used to my keeping of 'unusual hours' because she always goes that extra mile to wake me up. Wake me up and laugh at my general appearance; especially when I'm hungover. Todays laughter, however, was water from a ducks back. Why? you cry. Because my postie was delivering my new camera.

"Another one," she states.

"You can never have enough," says I, as I try to scribble something resembling my signature onto the PDA.

"Well, have fun with it," she calls as she heads back to her van.

Sagely advice if ever I heard it! And you know what. I very much intend to.

I certainly wish I hadn't woken up with a migraine though. It's put a certain dampener on my general mood. Oh, well, I guess that's what you get for reading all night. Curse my broken eyes.
Tags: camera, cybershot, sony, w17

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