RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

World of Warcraft

Well, I bought it. It set me back seventy dollars but I figured that it'd be worth it.

Thirty minutes of installing later and I was asked for my credit card details so that I could sign-up for my free month-long trial. I grudgingly relented and began to create my account.

I ignored the fact that the sign-up kept slipping into German and I finally made it to the last stage. Naturally, things totally screwed up. My account wasn't created, my credit card details are floating around in the web-ether and the Blizzard site remains a mess of page errors.

I'm really not impressed. I have a useless game, technical support are dead and I'm not even sure I want to pay sixteen dollars a month to play a game I haven't even tried.

In short: The game goes back to the store first thing in the morning.

Okay, I'm off to fume for a while.

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