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At six o'clock Monday morning I found myself driving the parents to the airport as they were heading off to Prague for a few days. The drive killed me. My legs were still aching from Sunday and working the clutch in rush-hour traffic was pretty horrific.

After that Monday passed me by quite quickly. I spent most of it in the back garden absorbing copious amounts of sunshine, music and h20. By ten that night I was ready for bed. Black Cat, however, had rather different plans. That little bastard kept me waiting until one thirty this morning. I thought about leaving him out for night but given the number of foxes in the area I figured he'd end up as a snack. So, instead, I waited...

Come seven this morning the phone started to ring. I dragged my battered body down the stairs and made it to the phone just in time for the person to hang up. Naturally they didn't leave a number.

I planned on heading back to bed but my presence had already been detected. The cats were crying and scuffling at the kitchen door so I set about feeding them and cleaning up their waste.

I called mother at nine to find out what she was up to. It turns out that father went to bed a seven last night and hadn't bothered waking up since. She was naturally quite pissed off about this and had decided to explore Prague on her own. Heaven only knows what kind of damage she'll do.

Still, there was a perky edge to her voice that I've not heard in a very long time. She was telling me about the sights she'd seen and places she'd shopped and suddenly all of the aches, pains and sleepless nights became worthwhile.

I just hope that my father can behave himself long enough so as not to destroy her mood.

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