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An Evil Little Sleep-Thief

My PC has been getting terribly sluggish of late. Not only that, but programs like Photoshop and Painter have been randomly dying, thus destroying many hours of artwork. I decided that the only solution was a fresh install of Windows. Doing so kept me awake until 4am and I was more than happy when I finally crawled into bed... Only to jump straight back out when I encountered this wee chap:

I was less than happy about sharing my bed but I guess the feeling was mutual as the little bugger made a run for it. I then spent a further hour and a half on the hunt. I moved every single piece of furniture in my room until I finally found it lurking under the bookshelf. Capturing it in a pint glass I couldn't resist the urge to grab a few snaps; if only to demonstrate the scale of the pint glass to spider... *shudder*

Bah, anyways. I soon forgot about it when, a few hours later, this dropped through the front door:

It came all the way from the Philippines...

...bearing a Yoshitaka Amano postcard, from the Sandman series...

...and it's signed by Neil Gaiman!

A massive thanks goes to Mae. She's not only peachy-keen but she has a very beautiful name :P

Thus, I'm currently all happy and stuff.

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