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I'm currently very sleepy. Over the past few days I've been churning out art like... some kind of art churning out thing... *ahem* I've become enthralled in the reality of my own mind and I've been creating visual representations of the people and places therein. The piece featured above being a prime example.

No doubt I shall further exhaust myself in the seemingly endless effort of capturing more of my 'inner wonders' on paper... or pixel. It's currently close to four in the morning and yet instead of feeling sleepy I have a fantastic idea for my next piece...

However, I shall refrain from starting it. My hands need a rest. Especially my right hand *stifles a smirk* No, actually I somehow managed to punch my bed-side lamp a few nights ago. I woke up in the morning with a deep gouge running from the base of my thumb to the centre of my palm. It had bled like nobody's business and yet, despite the pain, I didn't actually bother to wake up. Weirdness.

Speaking of! I almost forgot to wish her a Happy Birthday!

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