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The Tunnel of Light

Coincidence is a funny old thing.

Yesterday I spent most of the daylight hours locked away in the garage, painting. I've been working on that large black canvas again; which seems to have developed a certain tunnel-ish quality:

Anyways, as I was working on it my mind began to drift. It started to consider where my tunnel might lead. Suggestions included: The Voidic Plane, The Ethereal Plane or, quite possibly, Hell.

It then struck me as being quite odd that people who experience near-death situations never come back reporting negative sightings. It's usually reports of bright, white tunnels of light and an Enya soundtrack. Not: "Oh! I was in a dimly-lit tunnel which sucked me down for an eternity only to dump me in to an empty, lightless void where I felt nothing, saw nothing and heard nothing... except for a terrible stench of fish."

Entertained by these thoughts I continued to paint until six pm. Leaving the garage to eat, I did so accompanied by the TV. It happened to be an episode of the Simpsons entitled 'Homer's Triple Bypass'. An episode where Homer dies and, you've guessed it, has an Out of Body Experience. Homer, however, comes back reporting:

"Oh Doctor, I was in a wonderful place filled with fire and brimstone and there were all guys in red pyjamas sticking pitchforks in my butt!"

I couldn't help but be heartily amused by the whole thing. After all, coincidence is a funny old thing...
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