RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Well, it's been far too hot to be living indoors hasn't it. I've not only fallen out of the loop as far as the internet's concerned, but I've forgotten where I left it.

Anyways, here's an update to be going along with. There are quite a few photos so it might take a while...

Friday, 22nd July

A trip to Ilkeston to celebrate my cousin Claire's 21st birthday. This took the form of a meal at La Cucina followed by a trip to The Factory. Oh, and quite a lot of vodka.

Monday, 24th July

Jill's on her school holiday now so she came to visit The Shires for a couple fo days. I was to provide the entertainment for the duration which took the form of a very sunny pub crawl.

This amble around Nottinghamshire also involved a solid chunk of Science. Science using a bottle of coke, a credit card, a cardboard tube and a packet of Mentos. The video files can be acquired here: fizz 001 :: fizz 002


Tuesday, 25th July

Very bright and early the next day I found myself buying a new sofa. Afterwards I invited Jill into the City Centre to partake of some shopping; an idea which rapidly fizzled out. So we went to church instead. The Beer Church! After that we wandered aimlessly for a while, bought some stuff and drank some more beers.

Later we returned to Beeston and then stumbled our way to Long Eaton to meet up with Emma and enjoy some hearty Pub Grub. Cold pub grub but hearty all the same.

Oh, and Jill bought a new dress... and bra.


Okay, well it's about killed me to sit here and write this so I'm heading back out into the garden.
Tags: 21st, birthday, brudenell, emma, jill, pub crawl

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