RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Is It Theft If We Change the Words?

This is a cute soap shirt designed by Jess Fink. The shirt's available for purchase over at Threadless. However, you might instead like to buy this cute soap shirt which is available over at Hot Topic.

Hold on a second. Doesn't that shirt that's for sale via Hot Topic look an awful lot like the Jess Fink design? Well, let's see.

It's a cute, pink bar of soap.
It's branded with the word 'SOAP'.
It's in a very similar pose.
It has a similar facial expression.
It has bubbles coming from it.
And, oh yes, it's talking about butts.

According to her recent blog entries Jess has contacted Hot Topic but they don't seem to see any problem.

Can you see a problem? I, myself, certainly can. I decided to contact Hot Topic myself and ask them why they were doing this. I also highlighted, in no uncertain terms, that stealing images from other artists isn't acceptable. It's also something that doesn't go unnoticed. Can anyone say Todd Goldman?

If you, like me, don't agree with the actions of Hot Topic in this matter, please let them know about it. You can drop them a note using this handy link.
Tags: hot topic, soap shirt

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