RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

The Large Purple Snake

here be dragons... possibly

James, Emma, Lily-May and I took a trip to see Andy and Jill this weekend. We did lots of exciting things and saw some drag queens. We also went to the zoo; wherein we saw half a rabbit, a decapitated mouse and an invisible dragon. There was also felching.

click them for bigger

Some nice toilet graffiti at Toddington Services.

A nice early start to Saturday. About 5.34am. About.

Have you had your 5cm today?

The zoo! Can anyone guess why I took this photo? Look 'hard'.

Feeding time! Make mine half a bunny rabbit, pls.


I love being a turtle tortoise!

Um. Felching, anyone?

This guy was great.

He'd had excellent model training!

A random canoe near the 'not quite a dragon'.

Wait. Is that a Tardis?

Oh, noes! Shiny balloons... someone cover Lily's eyes!

Bugger! They're coming closer!!

The entrance to the reptile house.

Lily. Don't let the photo fool you! She's a sandwich monster!

The creepy trees which were absorbing the zoo.


Sorry. It's a crocodile thing.

Ah, there's the large purple snake!

Me being impressed by the vegetarian menu...

...very impressed, as it happens.

And the food was even better!

Doctor Who time! Sonics at the ready.

A nice snowy start to Sunday. About 1.2 inches. About.

Almost time to head home.

But perhaps one last game of Elefun before we go?

Just don't expect to win, k.

Oh, and a random photo of me when I was... albino muchly younger

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