RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Damn Graffiti Applications

I'm watching Green Street, which isn't as bad as I thought it'd be. I figured it might be too big a stretch of the imagination to turn the guy from Queer as Folk and Frodo Baggins into 'football hooligans', but somehow it works. Maybe it's all about the supporting cast? Or is just the blood packs?

I finally put in an insurance claim for my camera. It was a bit of a fight but the nice lady from the Pru eventually agreed to send me a Panasonic FX500. They were originally intent on sending me some crappy point 'n' click affair. However, I stood my ground and eventually made her see my point. After all, I still have to pay an excess of seventy five pounds and I'll probably find the insurance goes up next year. But I'll worry about that when it rolls around.
Tags: diet coke, dmc fx500, graffiti

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