RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
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Heinous Happenings

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We all love The Sixth Sense. Many of us found Unbreakable a treat. Some of us adore Signs. I happily count myself one among the scarce few who actually enjoyed Lady in the Water. It was with this understanding that we settled down tonight to watch The Happening.

About twenty minutes in my guests began to ask "Has it happened yet?"; the question loaded with bitter satire. Forty minutes down I joined in with the derisive nonsense. After an hour we were all slumped on the sofa making sly contrasts between the girly-voiced Mark Wahlberg we were seeing on the screen and the Marky Mark Wahlberg of yore.

As the credits rolled I felt of sense of nothingness. The film was over and, despite what the name might suggest, bugger all had happened. Okay, that's not exactly true, but anyone who has seen the movie will know what I mean.

It's not a film to avoid, I wouldn't like to give that impression. I would, however, say that it's a film to watch whilst you're doing something else; knitting for example. Actually, that's a very good example. It's definitely a movie to knit by.
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