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I was happily tapping away at my site last night when Tsai popped up on MSN and told me to come over to his... so I did. He gave me really good directions and it took no time to get there... *can you smell the sarcasm* Hmmm, actually what should've been a 30 minute trip took well over an hour! Probably due to the fact that I didn't exactly know where I was heading... quote: a layby, near a Tyre place. How could I -not- find it?

Anyways, I finally got there and we met and stuff. He even wore a tie *bless* ...which he then took it off dropped on the floor and told his mother to go hang it up. Which was... nice. So after meeting Mum we went for look at his room, spoke to Daniel on cam for a bit and then headed off for a look at the local surroundings, bearing in mind that it was 1am by this time the church and school were rather on the dark side. But it was fun. Got back to the house after killing 3 snails (Go New Rock) and chatted to a whole host of people whilst farting around trying to take some photos... which all turned out rather parp. Well, mine did, anyway. Then it was time for me to head home. I got back here at about 4.45am and sat giggling at how shite the photos were. With one 'possible' exception?

Stop laughing!

Hmmm, don't know? At least it's in focus! That's gotta be worth a pat on the head!

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