RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell


Lo, unto the world was born a boy! As the boy grew in years he was noticed to profess of a malady! Demons were plagued of him unto the mind, bringing with them torturous agonies! So set forth a stripéd septuagenarian champion to slay those demons by means of apothecary and of physical science!

Um. So. My new new neurologist is a little eccentric. He seems to know his stuff though, so I forced myself to ignore the 1880s Ripper vibe. He gave me a quick run down on how migraines work and went on to explain how it's all my mother's fault that I have them.

We talked medication. We talked doctoring. We agreed that my brain is a fucker.

I'll be seeing him again in the new year to discuss the new pills and the results of my blood work and upcoming scans.
Tags: neurologist

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