RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Wrist Ache

A few days off from drawing has done my wrist the world of good. I'll give you a few moments to get those thoughts out of your head before I press on...

Done? Good stuff.

I'm hoping the PC will finally appear in the morning. It's been waiting in a DHL shed since Christmas Eve and the knowledge of it being so close, yet utterly out of reach, has been all sorts of torture. Hopefully, that will all be over in but a few hours.

Also, my brother gifted me with World of Warcraft for Christmas. I guess the combination of a new PC and a free month of play means that I'll finally have to give in and try it. Hopefully I'll hate it. That way I might stand a chance of carrying on with my productive streak. Although experience has taught that I do tend to get rather heavily involved in my MMORPGs. Let us not speak of the great Guild Wars catastrophe, or the MapleStory fiasco. The least said, the better. I'm sure you'll agree.

Okay, enough guff, I'm off to bed with Eclipse.
Tags: alien, art, mmorpg, warcraft

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