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An Update for Those Who Who Enjoy Script

Is that an original, mint condition Boglin I spy?

The other night I took a very exciting trip to IKEA to find a matching Billy Bookcase for the already overladen one that's been living in my room these past few years. I've been putting the task off as I have somewhat of a phobia to all things IKEA. I'm sure that the original IKEA stores are beautiful! I'm equally sure that I'd have a wonderful time visiting them. However, like all things taken out of their native environment, UK IKEA stores don't, shall we say, thrive.

No, it's best to get your IKEA shopping done as quickly as humanly possible. Even better: do it at night! Thus, it was under these circumstances that I found myself racing through the checkout and heading home before the 'little maggot of common sense' had found the time to gnaw it's way into my brain. If such a thing had occurred I might have paid attention to the extra tape on the box. I might have noticed the slight rip along the bottom of the cardboard. I might have noticed that some arsehole had opened the box and removed half of the fixings. That's right, not all of them, just half. Obviously they didn't want to leave me completely 'screwed', just completely unable to install any shelves.

Okay, here's the really annoying thing: IKEA has buckets of spare parts which are freely available to anyone. I know this because I had to go back there today and ask about it. But there they were, huge buckets of spare parts with no limits on what you could take. Yet someone still felt the need to loot my bookcase.

A bookcase which, thanks to those spare parts, is now fully assembled and being slowly loaded with all of the essentials; as you can see in the above image.

The Queen's Nose: One Pound Coin

Speaking of images, I've been having the urge to go macro again. Having looked into buying a macro lens for the Big Camera the basic maths means that it'd actually be cheaper to buy something compact with decent macro capabilities, like the Panasonic TZ7. I don't suppose any of you have any experience with the TZ7 or any other recommendations?

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You might recall that my mother snapped her fifth metatarsal back on Easter Monday. She then went on to break the toe on the same bone a few months later. If you look on the X-Ray where the little toe would be and follow it backwards, you can see where the break has fused. Not a doctor? But I'm betting you can still spot those nasty jutting chunks of bone. But we were assured on the last visit to the hospital that all she needs is some light physiotherapy.

The funny thing, the physio took one look at the X-Ray and said that the fusing had caused a shortening, and it was no wonder my mother is in constant pain. His recommendation is that it be re-broken and set correctly; which is what should have happened in the first place. Go NHS!

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Okay, that's my quota of wurds used up for the day. I told you, it's all very dull. My life's all about the work nowadays.

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