RJ Brudenell (azoth) wrote,
RJ Brudenell

Daily Deviation and Tasty Tomatoes

Remember this scribble from ages ago? Well, today is Deviant Art's 9th birthday and, I'm not sure when, but someone awesome suggested my piece for a Daily Deviation. Today, someone equally awesome, featured it! To say that I'm proud is kind of an understatement n__n

The first I knew about it was when I got home today. I logged on to see if they were doing anything swanky on the site for their birthday and saw all these really positive comments on my page. Then I glanced up at my inbox and saw that I had 533 messages!! That's when I kinda realised that something weird was going on.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw my work sitting on the front page.

I have a few hundred comments to read through next. All of them nice! It's so weird! People on the internet are being nice! About my art!! Must be some kinda parallel universe thing going on here? I'm beginning to think so. Especially when I found these in the supermarket today:

Tomatoes? Huh? Not making any sense? Elucidate? Okay, I'll try.

Those who know me 'in the flesh' know that I have a freakish sense of smell. I can pick up on the faintest of things. Those lucky enough to have lived with me know this all to well. Especially the girls... for some blush worthy reason. Moving on.

I'm in the supermarket today and I pick up on this amazing aroma of tomatoes. We're talking full-on greenhouse in Summer effect. It totally transported me back to my grandfather's house and the time he was explaining how to grow and care for tomato plants.

Not surprisingly these tomatoes are grown completely naturally and they taste amazing. Haven't had a store bought tomato that tasted so good since I was I child. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come!

Go have a look at their Facebook Group. The comments are all glowing endorsements!
Tags: art, daily deviation, proud, tomatoes

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